GL_INTEL_map_texture not working after driver v15.31

GL_INTEL_map_texture not working after driver v15.31

I just noticed that the GL_INTEL_map_texture OpenGL extension, specifically, glMapTexture2DINTEL() returns null with the newly released driver v15.31 (

I was wondering if anyone else noticed this or has a work around.  The Map/Unmap functions are otherwise straight forward to use and perform well.

Extra information:

The extension string 'GL_INTEL_map_texture' is present as are the proceedure addresses.

glGetError() return GL_INVALID_OPERATION after calling glMapTexture2DINTEL()

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While Intel has not admitted a driver bug or provided an estimated time to fix, I did receive an email with a workaround. 

The workaround is to use RGBA16 instead of RGBA8 or other texture formats.  This does work, however it somewhat defeats the purpose as I must pass and convert much more data than needed.  The purpose of the extension was to speed texture uploads.

Edit: The new driver ( does not resolve this issue.

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