Intel HD Graphics 3000 and 4000 reports GDI driver

Intel HD Graphics 3000 and 4000 reports GDI driver


We posted a thread in the forum here, however we didn't get any response. I guess the thread actually belongs here, since it is kind of technical. I hope we may get in touch with a engineer, that may help us track what appears to be a bug in Intel HD Graphics 3000 and 4000 driver. 

Several users have reported problems with Intel HD Graphics 3000 and 4000 series, when using our software. They have in common, that the OpenGL renderer that we find is the GDI generic (OpenGL core v. 1.1) renderer, even though glview says there exist an Intel renderer (OpenGL core v. 3.2).


We haven't had similar problems with other vendors or versions. So we have made some tests to troubleshoot the underlying issue. We have tried a bunch of both simple but also far fetched things, based on the fact that there are reports of weird behavior in this graphic series (OpenGL Discussion and Help Forums). However we haven't found the issue yet. All our tests have supposedly worked well on our users failing computers (GL context have reported right renderer and version). Some of these tests have bootstrapped OpenGL and the window as close to our software as you may get it, however with the only major difference that everything were bootstrapped from one assembly(exe). In contrast to our software, where our main application calls into a dynamic library, that calls in to a second dynamic library which bootstraps a Windows Form with a GL context within it. We don't know if it is related to where things are bootstrapped(e.g in a dll), however we feel we have tried everything with no success. So we would really appreciate some technical insight about cases that may trigger your driver to fallback to the software driver included in Windows.

Also should be noted that the users that have reported the issue so far, are using Windows 10.


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Hi Emil,

This forum is for game developers working on Intel Graphics, so I say close enough.

However I am afraid I can't be much help. You see HD 3000 & HD 4000 are not currently supported products. The most recent driver release we have is from September:

At this time there are no further driver releases planned, so if it is a driver issue it is unlikely a driver with a fix will be released. It could also be less a driver bug and more a feature support issue. As in your software is using an OpenGL version or feature the HD 3000/4000 HW (or SW) does not support.

What OpenGL version does your software use? Are there any specific features not part of the spec in use?


Thank you for your fast response. We are asking for GL version 2.0. The GL tests that we sent to our users, did the same bootstrapping of the context as our main application, and they apparently worked. However I found an interesting thing that can be related. We are creating the context before we are showing the form (that is not the case in our tests). In other words before ShowWindow is called. It shouldn't be a problem since the driver are only supposed to bind a context to a HWND handle as far as I know. But I will test that, and report back my results.

- Emil


I  have encountered the same issue and was wondering if a solution / workaround was found about how to initialize OpenGL > 1.1 with HD 3000 &  HD4000.

I am also getting:

VENDOR: Microsoft Corporation
VERSION: 1.1.0



I am encountering the same issue trying to initialize OpenGL:

VENDOR: Microsoft Corporation
VERSION: 1.1.0

I was wondering If a solution or workaround has been found to init OpenGL Versions > 1.1 with HD 3000 / HD 4000.



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