Intel graphic card good or Nvidia?

Intel graphic card good or Nvidia?

I purchased a new laptop with a 2GB Intel graphics card. Additionally, there is also something called Nvidia GeForce. What is it and is the Intel graphics card good? After a search on different sites Codessaver comparison for Nvidia

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You need to be more specific with your question like mentioning the exact model of the graphics chip (example NVIDIA 750Ti, Intel HD 530 etc) that you are comparing. 

Nvidia is a well-known manufacturer of GPU and their products are used by gamer all over the world, not only Graphics card they also have handheld gaming devices, android TV box, super computers and many other products. They have pioneered many advancement in graphics technology and for desktop or laptop usually they provide discrete or high performance solutions. Intel is mostly known for their processors not the GPU, yet they are making GPU for a pretty long time now, the Intel GMA(Graphics Media Accelerator) and later the Intel HD Graphics. Usually these are integrated with the motherboard(Intel GMA) or in the processor itself(Intel HD), they are not bad but not suitable for many tasks.

Question here is what your purpose is? You have to take into consideration the usage scenario before you can tell which one is better.

no-brainer Nvidia

You had also the nvidia in you laptop? you cannot play high graphics games on intel graphics only

youre on intel website so the answer will be intel hah

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