In what language do you develop games? Any tutorials?

In what language do you develop games? Any tutorials?

I am not so bad at computers (but not a programmer yet) however i think i can learn quickly. I just need help with directions. What language should I choose? I want to code 3D game. 2D doesn't interest me, (maybe someday though) - for now I really want to create 3D RPG game like Diablo 1 but in 3D (D1 was isometric/topdown/fake 3D/2.5D, not sure though, it wasnt 2d but it wasnt 3d either, even though there were 3 dimensions visible).

Is C++ the best choice? I heard its fast. But the tutorials I found are quite old and teach how to do cmd based game.. I need to look more

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You can start with C++. Because this one is so good for the starter. Yeah, obviously 3D code you should use. Because this is the latest one. All the best!

if you are new to programming, you can work with visual scripting as a starting point, just to get a better understanding of the logic and flow.
UE4 (Unreal engine) has a great tool call "Blue Prints" that is node base visual scripting platform. its good mostly for prototyping but give you good and quite efficient results (not as efficient  as C++ though).
good luck.

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