Run in Windows XP

Run in Windows XP

Hi,all guys
sorry for my bad english :)
I found embree is very very fast ,but it can not work on WindowsXP,I found a way to run the embree on WinXP ,only modify two source file,hope this can help you
1: condition.cpp,disable the "Condition Variable"(i found the code from the url:
2: sse.h,use "smmintrin_emu.h" instead ""

it works well on my computer

Downloadtext/x-c++src condition.cpp5.3 KB
Downloadtext/x-chdr sse.h3.55 KB
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Hi wachel,
I am ignorant of programming and writing code.
I would like to run Embree on Win XP 64 bit, in 3D Studio Max 2012.
I have Vray2.3 installed.

I found where to add your attachments to replace originals in the Source code.

What do I do next?

Thank you,

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