Is motion blur working at all ?

Is motion blur working at all ?

I downloaded Embree 1.1, compiled it on linux using gcc 4.4.6. Everything seems to work but motion blur.

I read chunks of code and made sure I was using the bvh4mb flag and checked I had "motion" declared in my test xml file. One thing a bit unclear : the motion is goint to a dPdt variable, which means to me that I should just pass the motion vector, not a now position. I tried different things to no avail.

Moreover, when turning on motion blur, each iteration goes from 20ms to 15000ms, which seems a bit too much. I am wondering if I don't have a compilation problem here.

Any hint appreciated.



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Hi i have tested the motionblur.ecs and it was fine,ive compiled on windows vista32 using c++ 2010 express see attached pic


Downloadimage/jpeg motionblur.jpg97.68 KB

There must be something with the compilation because I have the same problems of Philippe on win64 (compiled and run on two different machines, both i7s respectively 1st(SSE4.2) and 2nd gen(AVX), the provided scene either chokes on render or crashes after getting all the sys ram), then I compiled on linux64 (AVX) and motion blurs works.

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