MLS Point Set Surfaces

MLS Point Set Surfaces


I'm very interested in implementing basic (projection) moving least squares-based point set surfaces using Embree. However, the library seems mostly optimized for triangle meshes, so I'm curious whether my idea is possible at all with reasonable effort.

I already did the same thing using NVIDIA's OptiX library. While the implementation itself was relatively easy thanks to OptiX's support for arbitrary geometry in the BVH and fully programmable ray-surface intersection tests, the resulting performance was rather suboptimal (solving several linear systems per ray stresses the GPU's memory bottleneck).

Is Embree suitable for (iteratively refined) polynomial surface definitions / intersections instead of triangle meshes?

Thank you very much!

Regards, Tim

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The current version of Embree does not support user defined primitives directly. However, you can of course modify the code to let the ray/primitive intersection do what you need.

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