Handle SSE?

Handle SSE?

Hi All

I realize my question sounds naive, maybe it's well-known issue - but not for me ;-)

How should I handle SSE? We want to include Embree code into our app for different users, no way to know concrete kind of supported SSE on user's machine before app runs. Should we build a series of libs (one per each SSE kind) and use one in runtime? Or there are better/simple ways?


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Embree does not support to dynamically select code paths optimized for the ISA of the machine it is running on. You can only select the ISA Embree is optimized for at compile time. Compiling Embree into different shared libraries per SSE type is currently the simplest approach to achieve your goal.

Thx Sven. I guess so but never did it before, thus it's better to ak

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