Depth of field camera

Depth of field camera


Can some one please tell me what are the near and far focus planes for the depth of field camera and how can they be calculated?

Is it possiple to achieve hyper focal distance concept using depth of field camera?


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The depth of field camera of Embree implements a model with aperture and a single focus plane.

What do you exacely want to achieve with hyperfocal distance? If you set the aperture sufficiently small, and the focal plane sufficiently far away, then far objects will be sufficiently in focus.

What is a near and far focus plane? Hasn't a lens only one focus plane?

Do you mean that LensRadius is the Aperture of embree depth of field camera? 

Please find attached image explaining the idea of acheiving infinite focus through setting the focal length at hyper focal distance. 

I have multiple points in my model and I want to bring all of them in focus. depth of field camera does not allow me to do so.


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Exactly the lensRadius parameter is the aperture of the camera. Around the focalDistance the image will be "acceptably sharp". The size of this area of acceptable sharpness can be varied by the aperture (lensRadius). If you set the focalDistance to a large value you will essentially focus at infinity.

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