Mesh Light

Mesh Light


I see in this Topic Embree in Action some mesh light.

How can I create the same within Embree ?

I try to create as many "TriangleLight" as my mesh contains, but the render get impossible slow, because each triangle is a "Light", and shadow is compute on it and take too long.

There must be a better way in Embree to do it, but I don't see any.

Can someone light me on this ?

Thank you,

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The project you referring to implements an advanced renderer based on the Embree ray tracing kernels. Embree contains also an example renderer, but this one is limited in functionality. In particular, mesh lights are not supported in the example renderer. 

Thank you Sven, I ask on the other topic how did he implement it.

I think about loading the mesh inside another scene and create a new type of light as MeshLight, and use bvh acceleration to get the light intersect.

But it look like complicated.

Any other idea ?

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