Compiling with Embree - Windows Release build

Compiling with Embree - Windows Release build

Hi Team.

I have a 64-bit Windows 7/8 C++ application.exe that uses Embree v2.2 in Visual Studio 10.
I link in embree.lib and have embree.dll in the same folder as my application.
I can compile Debug and Release builds without any trouble.
The only difference between the two are the Visual Studio settings.

I can execute the Debug build and the application works as expected.

However, when I compile and execute the Release build, I get the following error:
The procedure entry point rtcExit could not be located in the dynamic link library <path to my app.exe>

If I move some code around, it will complain about a different rtc<procedure name>.
It seems to find embree.dll, but it is having trouble finding the procedures within.

Any ideas on what I'm missing, or what settings I need to get the Release build to run?



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Hi Matt, this sounds like a compiler problem. Could you please try first if Embree v2.3 fixes the problem for you? Sven

Hi Sven.


With a little more effort, and settings copying, I was able to successfully compile and run a Release build.

The key parameter seemed to be the "Enable Incremental Linking" setting in the Linker>General section.
Setting this parameter to YES allowed me to execute the application and find embree.dll.


Thank you for your help.



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