Embree 2.0 documentation

Embree 2.0 documentation

I am trying to implement a ray tracer using the Embree 2.0 (I cannot use a more recent version because of dependency). I was looking for documentation of the API for 2.0 but could not find any. Please help.



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The pdf documentation is in the kernel download (readme.pdf)


The header files of the old API should have some documentation. What is the dependency that blocks you from using the latest version of Embree?

The documentation present in the header files seem very sparse. I was hoping for something more like the readme.pdf for 2.3.

It is more of a company policy why I cannot use the version 2.3 (I think it takes a while to get the management's approval) but my development cannot wait for that.

Unfortunately, we have no better documentation for Embree 2.0. I recommend upgrading to the latest Embree version.

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