bvh statistic

bvh statistic

Is it possible to get the BVH statistics, like total levels, no. of bonding volumes generated, no. of bvh traversals, bvh traversals per ray etc. I am trying benchmark the performance of a few other algorithms.


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To get BVH statistics do the following:

  Embree 2.0: call rtcSetVerbose(2)

  Embree 2.3.X: call rtcInit("verbose=2")

To get traversal statistics:

  Embree 2.0 and Embree 2.3: Enable USE_STAT_COUNTERS in cmake (might have to press 't' to get into advanced settings) will enable some internal counters. Call rtcDebug to print the values of these counters. These counters are not thread safe, thus render using one thread only! Do not forget to disable the USE_STAT_COUNTERS again later, as it can be quite expensive on a machine with many cores.

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