hallo, i have seen support for knl in embree. how is the knl

performance compared to std. server cpus like haswell or broadwell ?

what are the embree benchmark numbers in terms of mrays/s ?

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Providing a single mrays/s number here is quite difficult as the ray tracing performance depends on so many factors, e.g. scene complexity, primitive distribution in the scene, coherent/incoherent ray distribution, whether single, packet, or ray streams are used, closest-hit or any-hit rays, SIMD utilization during shading and to generate rays, HW core/thread count, sustained core turbo frequency, work distribution among the threads etc. It might be better to benchmark the entire rendering application to get a meaningful number.  Assuming (for the sake of simplicity) that the renderer is equally efficient per clock on both a Xeon and Xeon Phi system and the work distribution scheme achieves linear scaling than the relative performance can be very roughly compared by: #cores * sustained core frequency between the two platforms.




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