Edge case: Ray fails to intersect with simple geometry

Edge case: Ray fails to intersect with simple geometry

I am using embree in a simple test case and I am not getting expected intersections with the geometry.
The geometry is two triangles in the z=0 plane making a square of dimensions 1.0 and I am casting a spherical ray pattern from a location at 0.83,0.83,0.83 **after** casting rays from another location at 0.7,0.7,0.7.

On investigation , it appears to be an issue with having such a simple geometry. It appears the embree algorithms that optimize ray intersections do not function correctly when the bounding box of the scene is 0.0 in one dimension (Z). If I add some other geometry to the scene, everything works correctly. It also appears that embree remembers information about a scene from previous ray casting ( my scene is marked static). In other words, when I cast a ray from my second location, embree (incorrectly) decides it will not intersect anything based on casting from the first location.

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Ok, my mistake. I found my issue. Nothing wrong with embree....

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