rtcDetachGeometry using RTCGeometry

rtcDetachGeometry using RTCGeometry

Is there a reason that rtcDetachGeometry that accepts a geomID int instead of an RTCGeometry pointer? It seems to break the pattern set by rtcAttachGeometry/rtcAttachGeometryByID but maybe I'm misunderstanding the API. I'm working with a dynamic scene and I'm retaining the RTCGeometry but not the geomID, per docs:

Best store the geometry handle inside your scene representation (and release it in the destructor) and access the handle directly instead of calling rtcGetGeometry.

It wouldn't be a big deal to retain the geomID as well if necessary, this question is more out of curiosity. Thanks!

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As I think about it I cannot give you a good reason why it is that way. We will add a second call where you can also provide the RTCGeometry.

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