enable EMBREE_BACKFACE_CULLING without using CMake

enable EMBREE_BACKFACE_CULLING without using CMake



I was wondering if it is possible to enable backface culling without using CMake. I already have my VS2013 project working with a bunch of other libraries. I need to add this option to the already existing project.


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Just enable the EMBREE_BACKFACE_CULLING define in embree/kernels/config.h

Hi Sven,

I don't think I made myself clear in the question. The thing is that my VS2013 project is a standalone project, I dont have any kernels folder, nor config.h file. I just built a VS project and included <embree3/rtcore.h>. Hence, I do not know how to enable backface culling.



As you use the precompiled binaries there is no way to enable the backface culling. Backface culling can only get enabled at compile time.

However, you could implement an intersection filter callback that achieves the same result, but at slightly lower performance.

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