Specifying BVH branching factor

Specifying BVH branching factor


I'm running Embree's pathtracer tutorial, and I'm trying to figure out how to specify the max branching factor when creating a scene's BVH. Ideally I want only 4-way BVH's. What is the best way to do this?



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The following will force Embree to use SSE4.2 only:

./pathtracer --rtcore isa=sse4.2 -c cornell_box.ecs

The following will force 4-wide BVH for triangles but still use modern ISA if possible:

./pathtracer --rtcore accel=bvh4.triangle4

The following will give you some output of algorithms chosen to verify that everything worked as expected:

./pathtracer --rtcore accel=bvh4.triangle4 --verbose 2

Thank you, I didn't realize I could do this through command line arguments. One more question, is there a similar method to force the max leaf size to = 1?

No leaf size cannot get changes that easily. Also not that Embree always packs 4 triangles inside a leaf anyway (structure of array layout), thus going below 4 makes not much sense anyway.

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