Intersection failed with RTC_GEOMETRY_TYPE_DISC_POINT

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Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 03:35

Intersection failed with RTC_GEOMETRY_TYPE_DISC_POINT


I made some tests with geometry of type RTC_GEOMETRY_TYPE_DISC_POINT and i found a weird behavior when a ray start to close to a primitive.

For exemple, if 2 points are close ( inferior to the point size ) and i start a ray just after the first intersected primitive, the second is never intersected until the distance between the both point are larger than the bounding box ( i guess )

I suppose that if a ray starts inside the bounding box of a RTC_GEOMETRY_TYPE_DISC_POINT primitive, it is ignored.

This is problematic if i want to test occlusion between point and a close triangle mesh for example.

Is there any way to fix it ?

thx a lot.


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