Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010

Dear FGD Developer Team,
we are currently evaluating the TBB flow graph for our software suite. Although the concepts fit perfectly we ran into some performance problems. For further debugging and profiling FGD seems to be a really nice tool. Unfortunately our developing environment is Visual Studio 2010 and I cannot upgrade without putting a huge effort into it (3d party libs, camera drivers, ...).

Now my problem:
When I start my application TBB loads the fgt.dll. Then the _ft.n files are created and so on. When I close my application the C runtime (MSVCR110) of fgt.dll disturbs the C runtime (MSVCR100) of my application. I assume there is a problem with freeing pointers or something. However the application
crashes and the _ft.n files are not flushed correctly, leaving me without the trace :-(

So I wanted to ask, if there is a version of FGD compiled with Visual Studio 2010 or if you know some work-around?

Thank you in advance for an answer,
all the best,

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