SDK requirements

SDK requirements

Hi, Have been reading all I find on this, and while I know the SDK is not released 'yet'. I'm interested in make sure I can have everything ready when this SDK comes out so curious to know 1) Can I develop on host machine and target atom platform ? 2) Will there be a simulator on the host machine ? 3) Will I be able to debug from host machine via some mechanism ? (i.e. remote debugging). 4) What are minimum OS requirements for this. (questions come from development on other mobile platforms and Software Development Kit Overview I find pretty vague on the toolset coming ..etc) Thanks Mark.
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Hi Mark,

We are checking on these.

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Wondering on this some more, I'm curious to know how will this SDK be differen't (or what is offered more) than if I opt to use the default SDK's which come part of development for the Native runtimes of Microsoft Window's or Moblin, as I assume if I use the tools from respective area's I will be able to build my app ?

Or is this SDK more pushed towards Mobil development ?


Hi Mark,

The Software Development Kit Overview states the following: “The SDK adds a library to the existing supported framework/SDKs for the targeted operating systems, win32 and Moblin, and runtimes, Windows native, Moblin native, AIR*, and Java*. In fact, the SDK will be another library distributed with the Moblin SDK from “

Please let us know if you need further clarification on this.

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Hal G.

Intel(R) Atom(TM) Developer Program Support Team

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A basic Store simulator will be provided with the SDK. It allows you to develop and test your application without having to install the Store Client nor access to the Store itself

Remote debugging will not be supporte in the initial release.

C.V. Vick
Architect of the SDK
Intel Corporation

"All features and commitments are speculative until deprecated"

If I am using Visual Studio C++ express edition can windows SDK for C++ will support.


Hello Khan,

please take a look at this post:

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Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

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