SDK timelines

SDK timelines

Hi I appreciate this might be tougher question to answer, but I would find it handy to know when roughly when the SDK will be released (current Quarter, next year ..etc), so I can start planning when I can corporate this into my development schedules, as at the minute working with third parties that keeping requirements fixed and clear planning helps me to keep the costs down especially in todays financial environment. As at the minute all we know it's coming but not when. Thanks Mark.
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Hi Mark

It's not easy to answer this question but I will try to get some information and come back to you.



Hi Mark,

Thanks for your query.

Actually from the Developer Challenger Official Rules page, we could notice it is mentioned that from November 2009, you may need to download the SDK and start developing the applications and components.

Based on this informaton I would assume that by early November 2009 we should have the SDK available, hence it should not be a long wait.

However I cannot confirm this yet.


DG Rooven

Very nice observation, completely missed that

I couldn't have said it better myself.

C.V. Vick
Architect of the SDK
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Hi , mark,,,,
Every body is waiting for the SDK....
SDK is going to be available from November 1,2009.....
go to this link below :
you will get more information regarding SDK..


Hi Adre,

Any updates on the SDK availability, if they are available for download plese do post the link where you can download it from.


Hello Rohan,

please take a look at this post:

Best Regards,

Andre B.

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