Questions about the SDK - Emulator/CES requirements

Questions about the SDK - Emulator/CES requirements

The SDK supposedly contains "a consumer store client emulator for testing". I can't seem to locate this component - perhaps it's not included yet? What /exactly/ do I need to do to meet the requirements for the CES announcement, other than linking with the provided alpha lib and calling ADP_Initialize() and ADP_IsAuthorized() where appropriate?
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please check the "SDK Developer Guide.pdf". The emulator is located in SDK\bin.

In order to meet the CES requirements you need to compile your application with the Beta SDK which will be released later. Then submit it for validation.
Details here:

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The Application Test and Debug Service, ATDS is the "consumer store client emulator for testing". In the production system your application will be talking to a local agent, Consumer Store Client. The ATDS emulates interactions with this component and allows you to create and test applications prior to "officially" getting and application id.

As to your second question: yes link with the lib and use ADP_Initialize(), ADP_IsAuthorized and ADP_Close

C.V. Vick
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