Console disappears when clicking on iADP_ATDS.EXE

Console disappears when clicking on iADP_ATDS.EXE

Reposted for Robby I just installed the Windows sdk into my brand new Samsung NC10 running XP with Intel Atom processor. Clicking on iADP_ATDS.EXE produces a brief flash of the console and then nothing else. Clicking on runATDS.bat also produces a brief flash of the console. When I try running the exe from the command line then the console immediately vanishes. What am I doing wrong?
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I think you better use Command Line. There's several benefits you can get from it, i.e. your application's UUID

This is the same problem I am facing as well

This should be the solution for both of you:

Please let me know if you have any trouble.

Hello All,

that you see the console coming up for a very short time and disappearing is the expected behaviour when you run runATDS.bat.
The Batch file will launch iADP_ATDS.EXE and then exit.

If you check the process list in the task manager you will find iADP_ATDS.EXE running.
Same when you run stopATDS.bat. The console will pop up for a second and shut down the ADP_ATDS.EXE process.

Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

You did nothing wrong. For various reasons that's the way the ATDS behaves. We plan to make the ATDS to log to the console window it was run from in a future release.

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