developing application and components

developing application and components

I m currently using MS visual studio 2010 Beta edition. Am I able to debug and test application and components using it and am I able to submit it at IADP. If I am able to submit it then how I should link my application with IADP libraries provided to me. How should I start submission process so that I can get Beta SDK. Thank you!
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Why don't you go ahead and download Visual Studio 2008 ? Seems like that is pretty much the only supported MS Development platform this early in the products life-cycle. Best of luck.

Is it available for free?I can't buy it.

How I link and debug my application.

Is component mean the functions or graphic components?


for the time being Visual Studio 2008 (full version) is the only supported development environment for Windows.
That doesn't mean it won't work using other tools, just we can't assist when problems occur.

Best Regards,

Andre B.

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You can get a 90 day trial of visual studio 2008 professional:

what if I create application using Beta version?would it get submitted?

The SDK reference guide is provided with alpha SDK.Is the reference guide providing full information about classes and functions available in SDK?


Yes, when the Beta SDK is available later this year, you’ll be able to submit applications and components to the program and take full advantage of revenue-generating opportunities.

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Hal G.

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IS alpha SDK provided only for authentication of machine,application and component or can we perform functions rather than these.

Hi Unmesh,

Thank you for your query.

Currently the beta SDK is not released yet, hence we cannot comment on its features and/or limitations.

For the time being you can go through the alpha SDK documents (PDFs) that came with the alpha SDK download where you may find the information that you are looking for.

Kind Regards,

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program.

DG Rooven

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