DLL libraries instead of LIB

DLL libraries instead of LIB

We use a development platform different than Visual Studio. This platform accepts the inclusion of external DLL libraries. As far as I understand DLL libraries are different from LIB libraries in which the first are dynamic and can be referenced from the executable (our developed application in this case), while the second are static and need to be referenced from the compiler, and therefore are tied to a specific compiler (Visual Studio in this case). Is it possible to create an alternate SDK made of DLLs instead of LIBs?
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The SDK libraries are distributed as LIB for several reasons, including security, version management, etc. We are investigating option to distribute DLLs

C.V. Vick
SDK Architect

So in Java case we need to create starter appication linked against these LIBs?

Hello Eugene

We solved this obstacle by creating a DLL-Wrapper. And we have adapted this wrapper for different development platforms.

Please check the official page here... http://www.bakno.com/Wrapper/

If you are interested, please let us know your IDE.



Please note that while some people are using wrappers, you are not guaranteed to pass validation if you do this.
If you are going this route, I would suggest creating the wrapper yourself for complete control. Please see below for a list of supported development languages:


All those developers who use our wrapper have their applications accepted into the store.

If for any reason our wrapper does not meet the requirements, either we work together to solve the problem or we refund the payment.

Andres Martinez
baKno Games

Hello Eugene

We have created a Java Library that is IDE independent. : )

And we have discounted the price 50%.


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