RPM Format need help

RPM Format need help

Hi All, 1. I am using QtCreator to build my application and currently i have started building small screen which is functioning now when i RUN in Qt.But as i am new to Linux development environment i am not sure how to make it as a RPM or any linux installable format to package my application. 2. If it is RPM format will it automatically loaded on Netbook ? I need to understand netbook compatable format also. 3. Do i need to start using SDK from initial stage OR can i use it once application is fully functioning ? Thanks, Khan Note: This post has been moved from the support forum to the SDK forum.
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Hi Khan,

If you just started to build Linux applications, I would recommend you to go with Clutter, http://moblin.org/projects/clutter, instead of Qt. Because Moblin Netbook distribution is the Linux distribution specific for Atom based netbook. And clutter is an integral part of Moblin software stack.

RPM format is the right packaging for Moblin. You will need to make sure you pack everything, libraries not in Moblin but required by your application for example.

I think you will need to at least compile your code with the SDK before you submit your code to IADP.

Hope it helps,


>> RPM format is the right packaging for Moblin.

first; you need to build binaries; worry about packaging when you get to that step..

one word of advice; learn how to create .spec files. there is a tonne of documentation online about this - however, most assume you use autoconf et al; it took us a while to figure out the file format; but we eventually got it running (2 hours researching).. once you have a .rpm file - you can use alien to convert it to a deb file. i recommend using the commands:

% sudo alien -k package.i386.rpm

and it will create you a deb file with the same version number.

// Aaron Ardiri
Mobile 1UP

@Aaron [Mobile1Up]
Did you use the moblin-package-creator for your packaging requirements?

@ Bosco
>> Did you use the moblin-package-creator for your packaging requirements?

no. we went lower level and used rpmbuild (rpm) and alien (deb) - simulating what moblin-package-creator. we went low level because we had to create a bunch of things manually; but i haven't tried using moblin-package-creator since i installed and poked around originaly so i am not sure if it will work or not with my hand-made files :)

// Aaron Ardiri
Mobile 1UP

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