Which version of VS is supported by the SDK?

Which version of VS is supported by the SDK?

Some of our products use third party libraries that we don’t have access to the source code and they were compiled under VS2005. This causes issues when trying to integrate your ADP SDK. Do you know if and when you will be releasing builds to support previous versions of VS?
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Currently only VS2008 is supported.

At the moment we do not have any information on future supported platforms and environments. If any new platform and/or environment will be supported, it will be communicated via the website.

Link: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/article/intel-atom-developer-program-software-development-kit-alpha-release-notes#system-requirements
Link: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/develop


DG Rooven

HI Florian,

Could you describe the errors/issues you are experiencing? Thanks

C.V. Vick
SDK Architect

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