Is DRM considered in IADP

Is DRM considered in IADP

To whom it may concern, I am wondering if there is DRM in IADP to protect my software from pirate copies. What step should I do to include DRM in my software before uploading to IADP? Thanks for answering my question in advance. Best Regards, Gorden
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Hello Gorden,

While nothing is completely secure, we’re providing tools to help you insure people using your application have purchased it. The store SDK provides a license checking API that asks the system if the application is authorized to run.

Best Regards,

Andre B.

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Hi, Andre,
Thanks for the reply.
I assume that the license checking API is ADP_IsAuthorized (); please kindly update if the assumption is wrong.

Best Regards,

Are there any checks that binaries haven't been modifed?


No, there are no such checks implemented at this time for submitted entries. I just verified this with one of my applications, it still launched correctly. I do not believe this poses a risk unless someone was going to take the time to write alot of Assembly.

If anyone trim all of the calls to ATDS from your binaries there is no reason to check binaries for modification. :)

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