Getting Started Help for Programs that already run on XP/Vista/Win7

Getting Started Help for Programs that already run on XP/Vista/Win7

Hi everyone! Sorry to ask such an inexperienced question but I have some trouble figuring out how to use the SDK for some of our programs that are already being published. We would like to integrate these computer games for netbook, but we are not the ones doing the lion's share of the development. Would it be enough for us to get the source code from the original programmers and put in relevant code bits? These programs run fine on netbooks but they probably do not make use of the required libraries. If it is enough to recompile the code, what new things should be included? How can I use the SDK to do this? Any help is appreciated in pointing me into the right direction. Best, Aron - Viva Media
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Hello Aron,

your plan goes into the correct direction.
Described in a short way you add the SDK code to your games, recompile them and submit here for verification.

In detail I suggest to install the SDK and read the PDF documents which are included with the SDK. Check the sample applications to see how it all works.
Also take a look at the various articles and FAQs on this website, and escecially this link:

As you already have working games I think it should be quite easy for you to participate on this program.

Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

Thank You! I'll look at all of it carefully. That was the sense that I got.


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