Differences between the alpha SDK and the beta SDK

Differences between the alpha SDK and the beta SDK

For those that are curious, here are the changes between the alpha SDK and the recently released beta SDK: • Application code must be recompiled with beta SDK to support enhanced security • In C++ AdvancedCrashReport class has been added. It provides an advanced callstack generation capabilities but relies on availability of 3rd party shared library (refer to Framework reference for details) • AdpException can be written to unicode stream (AdpException e; wcout << e << endl;) • AdpException::GetMessage() API has been changed to AdpException::message() • AdpException::GetCode() API has been changed to AdpException::code() There are no changes to the existing C / C++ APIs (except for those listed above. :) -Gina
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Hello, Gina!

Are there any (even fairly rough) estimates for Java/JavaFX/Silverlight/AIR ADP-SDK release?

Great thanks,
WBR Eugene.


Everyone is anxiously awaiting additional language support, the more the merrier :)

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