Clarify on Submission Checklist

Clarify on Submission Checklist

I have an application, it has a few pre-requisites like .net framework 2.0, vc++ 2008 redistributable. I want to add pre-requisites to my installer so it can install the pre-requisites directly. When i am adding pre-requisites into the msi installer in visual studio, it's creating a setup.exe [for pre-requisites] file along with application.msi [for application]. As per the atom submission checklist, the allowed submission format is in .msi. Is it possible to submit with .exe? or what can i do to make it a single .msi file? Thank you, Fulliautomatix
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in order to pass validation you need to submit your application in MSI format. The rules are the same for all developers.

To learn how to make an *.msi installer please check a search engine of your choice or take a look into these forums:

MSDN Forums

Intel® Software Network

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Andre B.

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Not sure about that, but i think you do not need to check for .Net and VC++ Redistributable componnets , because in Windows 7 they come preinstalled, while in Windows XP with SP3 they have it preinstalled. so you can just submit MSI without checking for .net framework and vc redistributable.
I got a question for you too, how did you used Beta SDK with your project. as they are currently not supporting Vb.NEt and with it?

Thanks for your reply.

We had in our project, but for atom we removed the feature that uses .net framework.


You simply need to create a managed C++ wrapper for the ATOM SDK. This can be done in Visual Studio 2008. From there, your C#/VB.NET applications can consume your wrapper and call the ATOM methods successfully. If you run into any trouble let me know. I bookmarked several threads here that say as long as you utilize the C++ ATOM library they are providing, any application language supported by Visual Studio 2008 is acceptable (this would include C#, VB.NET, insert language from VS 2008 here). The trouble for most is creating a wrapper.

How can I create a wrapper using visual studio 2008 for my application and communicate my application with that wrapper. Please give me some idea about it?


Thank you for your query.

We are currently investigating if using a 'wrapper' will be accepted or not.
I will get back to you once I get confirmation.


Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Team

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