How to test on a clean Windows system

How to test on a clean Windows system

We want to make sure that our apps will run on a clean, out-of-the-box netbook and have set up VM's to represent these. One thing we've discovered is that we need to bundle MSVCRT redist with our installer to make sure it's on the netbook (it's not an out-of-the-box netbook). However, once we integrate the SDK, then we need the app store tools installed on the environment to test the integration. These appear to only be available by installing the entire SDK which depends on MSVCRT. Ideally I'd like to be able to do the following for our tests: * Install new Windows XP (SP2 or 3, Vista, or 7) * Install the app store simulator * Install our app Is it possible to have an app store test tool that doesn't require the entire SDK to be installed? Can we depend on the app store client installing MSVCRT and if so, which version? Thanks, Jeremy Wadsack GrandeMocha, LLC
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Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your query.

Intel store client will come with all dependencies needed to run on the client netbooks. You need to ensure that you included the needed C++ runtime files with your MSI installer.

Also we don't know which version of MSVCRT will come with the store client as it is still in development (and not available yet)
Base line, you need to make sure you application comes with all runtimes required and the same runtimes will generally be available with the appstore. However I cannot confirm this since the appstore is not available yet.


Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Team

DG Rooven

Thanks Rooven. We'll make sure to include all test cases in our testing then.

I did notice that the Beta SDK does not ship with and MSI that checks for MSVCRT so installing it on a clean XPSP3 test environment fails to run until you download and manually install the CRT. I assume this will be addressed in the next SDK update?

Jeremy Wadsack
GrandeMocha, LLC

Hello Jeremy,

developers who install the SDK on Windows XP SP3 are supposed to have Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 installed on that system.
This way the required C++ files will be on the system before you install the SDK.

Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

Hi Andre,

Understood. However, for testing we want to test the install of our applications on a clean system. So we've found we have to install MSVCRT from Microsoft Downloads onto the clean system in order to install the SDK. We can work with this, but wanted to bring it to your attention.

Jeremy Wadsack
GrandeMocha, LLC

>> However, for testing we want to test the install of our applications on a clean system

vmware/virtualbox - just setup a basic windows deployment and use virtualization.

// Aaron Ardiri
Mobile 1UP

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