IADP crashReport Vs Visual Studio 2010 (MFC) support for Restart Manager feature

IADP crashReport Vs Visual Studio 2010 (MFC) support for Restart Manager feature

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 & 2 (MFC) support for Restart Manager is currently being offered for custom document recovery (Auto save of documents). This feature is needed to provide support similar to having Microsoft Word recovering your unsaved documents. Here is a code snippet from the IADP crashReportExampleWin32 samples project: // Demonstrate an untrapped exception // WARNING: Debugging is not supported for uncaught crash handling! // Executing the following method in an active debugging session will likely // result in a corrupted system state, and a failure to execute crash reporting. void TestApplication::UncaughtCrash() { Application::SetCrashReport(new ExampleCrashReport); IllegalMethod(); } Will the above code have any impact on projects using the Visual Studio 2010 (MFC) support for Restart Manager feature.
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Hi Praveen,

Currently MS Visual Studio 2010 is not supported. Hence I cannot comment on its functionality while using the SDK to develop applications for the IADP.


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DG Rooven

Hello Praveen,

Please have a look at this statement:

Best Regards,

Andre B.

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