Java support

Java support

Hi, I am a newbie and when I came to the developer website, the front page allows SDK download. The SDK supports using C/C++. The bottom of the same page also describes the development infrastructure and it talks about Java among a few other languages. I am a bit confused. Can I participate in this developer program by publishing my application in Java? Perhaps some platform attributes are only available via the C/C++ SDK but not when I develop via Java? Thanks --Vincent
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Hello Vincent,

the website contains some information about future supported programming languages and runtimes.
With the current Beta SDK the only supported programming languages for Windows are C and C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (full version).

Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

As of the current ATOM SDK, Java is not a supported platform. I believe they have plans for a future release of a JAVA ATOM library (and other languages). They also state that your app needs to be compiled using Visual Studio 2008.

The SDK for Java should not take too long. Now that JavaFX has been released, I believe the SDK will have support for it. It could be rewarding to wait a little. I would recommend learning/playing JavaFX in the meantime...

The current SDK does not support other languages. What they mentioned is about their future plans. I think , in a short period they will release support for java.

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