Explain application license

Explain application license

Hi, If I want to remove an already published application in Intel App Store, how will this affect users who have payed and downloaded the application. Will their licese expire without notice? Will they get a refund? Another question is how updates of applications will be handled. Will it be possible to push critical updates to applications? I feel that there are so many unclear details surrounding the entire App Store project. Almost everything is still in beta stage, yet all focus seem to be to fill up the App Store with content before Dec 21. Why this hysteric deadline when the launch date of the App Store is still not settled? /Mathias
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please note that we will publish FAQ content regarding the Intel Application Store Client once its available.

If you submit a new version of your application it will be validated and once approved your customers will be able to use the new version.

Regarding your last question it makes no sense to publish the Intel Application Store Client with just a small amount of content.
The current contest helps to fill the upcoming Intel Application Store Client with useful software.

As many of your questions are about future topics of the IADP we cannot answer them all precisely today as plans and details might change. Please be assure that with each step forward in the Intel® Atom™ Developer Program we will provide you with sufficient documentation and FAQs to participate successfully.

Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

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