Graphics library??

Graphics library??

Hi everybody... which graphics library is perfectly matching to this SDK? Think Allegro is not matching! Help me to choose one!!! Thanks
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Hello Dinesh,

seems you misunderstood the SDK and what its used for.
As long as your application/component is based on C/C++ and can compile with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 you can use any graphical system/engine you wish. In simple words the SDK will only do authentication checks to see that your customers are licensed to run your software.

Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program


Your favorite graphics library in C++ would be the preferred choice. The ATOM SDK is more or less an authentication component that you add to your entry (in this case a game). Intel has created a very flexible architecture in this way, leaving most of the decisions up to the developer. Best of luck.

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