SDK and multiple user accounts?

SDK and multiple user accounts?

Hi! How does the SDK handles authorization when having multiple user accounts? Will an application purchased by one user be accessible by other users on the same computer? I'm mainly interesten in how this works in Moblin/Linux and if this is all handled by the access rights when writing the installer script(RPM/DEB). /Mathias
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Hi Mathias,

Thank you for your query.

In general, this feature is mainly on the appstore software rather than the SDK.
Using the SDK, each application you developed will get the GUID in the application to make it unique (after validation).
After the validation and if it has been approved, the application will be published on the developer catalog and will also be available on the Appstore.

From the appstore a user will have to login with their credentials to download the application/components. The system will keep track of the transaction for that particular user. If another user wants to get the same application on the same pc, he/she has to log in with the his/her credentials and then download the application.

Please also note that the Appstore is not released yet. Hence at this stage I cannot confirm how the appstore will handle multiple user accounts and downloaded applications.


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The SDK's authorization mechanisim is tied to the machine, not (directly) to a user. When the applcation is launched, the SDK verifies the machine's permission to run the application. The user's application store credentials are needed to buy the application, install the application and authorize a machine to run it, but not needed to run it. Whether a given user can execute an application is controled by the OS permissions.

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