I wrote a JNI wrapper for talking to the app store. Will I get anything if I release it?
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I believe you may submit it under the Component Category as the programming languages allow for Java. However as the ATOM SDK will support .NET, JAVA, AIR, etc. in the future it may not be as widely adopted as you may hope.

I had interpreted the Component category as being intended for creating a component that other developers could readily use, rather than replacing or extending the current ATOM SDK. * I may be mistaken.

So I take that as, "no you won't, but you can post it if you want and BTW we don't like Java".

Oh well... So much for getting something for my 200k+ LOC game dev kit as well I guess.


We have a Java version of the SDK done, but are sorting out some thorny licensing issues with Java on Netbooks. Once resolved (don't know when), we will release it.

IADP SDK Architect

JNI wrappers don't have licensing issues.

You should have released the JNI code and libs with the C/C++ SDK.

C.V. Vick, is this SDK you talk about the official Java SDK for the Intel Atom Developer Program? will it support all Java6 features and JavaFX as well? If it does, then it is good to know I can test my apps without delay.

In any case, is there a way to get the SDK app-testing purposes right now? I mean not releasing the SDK in the middle of licensing issues is a big hold back for Java developers wanting to try their apps and get them ready soon.

The JNI code isn't that hard for the C api for the app store. As far as Java is concerned it works for the most part.

Just build and test with the OpenJDK and it will be fine. My games work except for the sound, and I will make a work around for that as well.

The main concern now is not if Java works, but why it isn't getting good support. So you won't be getting a release until next year because of politics and not legal issues. Not that legal issues don't exist, but the JNI for the AppStore would have been fine with the OpenJDK VM. The OpenJDK is about as free as it gets.

Also, the multiple product requirements for demo/trial and multi OS is insane.

Don't you know - are there any licensing troubles with OpenJDK + JavaFX bundling?


This may help you a bit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JavaFX#License

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