Inclusion of your activation code in my App

Inclusion of your activation code in my App

1) I have a visual studio 2005 sp1 project migrated from vs 2003 and coded in MFC 7.1 2) How do I include your activation code in this project? 3) I think I can copy the Intel code and put it some inside InitInstance function but detailed instructions would be more helpful, I guess.
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Even I have similar doubt, Is it sufficient for .exe to have activation check or the installer also to needs the authorization.


Currently Visual Studio 2005 is not a supported environment.

For tips how to integrate/include code in your project you may also wish to check the forums below:

Intel® Software Network

MSDN Forums


Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Team.

DG Rooven

Thanks Rooven let me check and revert back to you

The Authorization call need to be placed in your main program and not in your Installer.

The SDK include sample code on how to do this.

IADP Architect

Thank you Vick this is really helpful.

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