Dynamic linking

Dynamic linking

Hello, Our project is very complex, programmed with Borland (GUI) and Visual Studio 2005 (e. g. PlugIns and 64bit DLLs). In accordance with the project files and compiler flag the different application are create. Regarding the implementation of the SDK I have some questions: 1. Must be used a separate Intel GUID for each application? 2. What about plug-in DLLs on your system? 3. What is with 64bit applications? Is there a corresponding Lib? 4. Is it possible to integrate the Intel library files dynamically for other developer IDEs, like Borland? Finally, a question about our setup. Is a MSI setup nessecarry? We use Inno Setup for our applications. Thank you and best Regards, Thomas Klabunde
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Hello Brian,
first thank you a lot.

If I have further questions, I post it here.

Best regards

Hi Thomas,

I was wondering whether you've done a wrapper to expose ATOM SDK as Brian suggesting? Was it accepted?



Hi Ogun,
Unfortunately, because of project-stress we don't programmed a warper DLL until now. But hope to do this in March.


Thanks for your quick reply. Good luck on your projects.

now we got time to create a wrapper-dll for our projects.

Therefor we use Visual Studio 2005 SP2 to create the dll.

With the SDK "0.5" it will work.
With the SDK "0.91" we got the error: LNK2019: unresolved external __declpec(dll import) public: ...

We think, that the Intel-Lib-File 0.91 use new function, that visual studio 2005 is not supported - is this possible?
Is it ok if we use the SDK "0.5"?
Or has somebody an idea how we can fix this?


How must our software response here exactly? In case of an error - should our software ALWAYS DIRECT CLOSE? Or should we inform the user about the reason with a message box and close?
Should our software only run, if the SDK response with ADP_AUTHORIZED? Does it mean, the user is authorized to use the software?

We usually sell 30-day trial versions (shareware). Is this also possible with the SDK, or how this will be deal with in the atom-shop?

Hello Thomas,

You need to use the latest SDK version. Also please use Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 as all previous versions are not supported.
For your shareware question I recommend to submit a "Demo" and a "Full Version" edition of you application.

Best Regards

Andre B.

Technical Support Team
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
Intel® AppUp(SM) Center

Hello Andre,
thank you very much for you ansver.

Hmm, I don't know if I get VS 2008 so far....

Can you still give me a description or overview, what our software do after it got the return-values?

Just we understood, does the App-Store register the software for us. If this is correct?

Best regards

Hello Thomas,

your app should start to run normally only when it's authorized. If any kind of error happens, its preferred when you present a message to the user that a problem happened and how to contact support (that's you). Always keep in mind that your software needs to be user friendly.

The AppUp Center Backend will check if your customer is authorized to run your software, for example that he paid for it or comes from a specific region if you limit the countries you want to offer your product.

The SDK documentation and the sample applications provided should give your more details about how to deal with the return values.

Best Regards

Andre B.

Technical Support Team
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
Intel® AppUp(SM) Center


This thread from a little while back may help you with the return types and what they mean:



1.) You will require a GUID for whichever application is the entry point. Your application(s) should not be able to run without calling the appropriate authentication methods in the ATOM SDK.
2.) The developer is responsible for any wrapper libraries based on the ATOM SDK.
3.) There are no 64-bit libraries of the ATOM SDK at this time.
4.) You will need to build a wrapper DLL (possibly using facade architecture) to expose the ATOM SDK methods to your calling application. As Borland and VS2005 are not supported by Intel at this time, you will be responsible for the creation and maintenance of such a wrapper. Myself and others on this forum would be happy to answer any questions you have should you run into trouble.

For Windows entries, an MSI installer is required.

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