What game and graphics development kits work on Moblin now?

What game and graphics development kits work on Moblin now?

AllBinary Game Development Kit - http://allbinary.axspace.com/ Any others? I see 2 others in the forums (Torq and Unity), but it looks like they are still getting updated for Moblin.
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i think it will work....


Essentially any and all game development platforms can be made to work. Although they are not supported by Intel, they would be supported by the developer. All that is required is a custom made wrapper that your game platform of choice. That is the beauty in the ATOM SDK architecture, it is more or less a plug-in library. The key that seems to catch many of us by surprise, is to remember to include all required libraries in your installer. One item to consider is the available system performance on a netbook. While adept at running what most of us do from day to day, game code needs to be optimized as far as possible. If you need any assistance writing a wrapper please feel free to contact me.

Mine already works with Moblin, but thanks.

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