MSI Package Tool

MSI Package Tool

Hello What MSI package tool is recommended for creating the installer? Thanks
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For Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, the Setup & Deployment project type supports MSI perfectly. Be sure all dependencies are included in your package.

Best Luck

I've used "advanced installer free" + "orca" to fix shortcuts to be advertised & add removeFile table (these tables can be exported and then imported every time you make a new bundle).

Eugene is correct. Any MSI that conforms to the packaging requirements will suffice. Best of luck.

Do you mind sharing how you fixed the advertised shortcuts issue with Orca? I, too, am using Advaned Installer Free Edition. I've read the Packaging Guidelines as well as th Validation Requirements and even followed the post with the pictures of using Orca - on a VS2008 generated .msi. You have done exactly what I need to do, so I would appreciate specifics on your proven method, my good sir. Thank you in advance.


That's a great question. CCK, did you have an Advanced Installer MSI fail validation due to the shortcut issue?

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