No Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta

No Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta

Hello All, there are many questions if Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta can be used with the IADP. In the SDK Release Notes this is clearly outlined: Supported Development Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 If you submit applications/components which are compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta chances are that you will not pass validation. Best Regards, Andre B. Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
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Can I have from you a sample Win32 makefile for compiling Intel Atom SDK C and C++ samples using Microsoft Visual C++ 2008?

I had installed VC++ 2008 Redistributable modules from Microsoft website

but I am more comfortable building the programs from the command line using makefile and nmake utility


MS discontinued that feature with Visual Studio 2005. It was replaced with VCBuild.exe, which uses the solution file. Please let me know if I can help you with any compiler / liner problems.

Reference URL:

You'll save yourself an incredible migraine of a headache by spending some time with the Visual Studio IDE itself. CL (the compiler+linker) can be invoked directly, so you could wrap it in an ordinary makefile if you liked. But the reason I mention familiarizing yourself with the Visual Studio IDE is for the "Command Line" project property pages.

Configuring your builds in Visual Studio is done via some easy to read context list menus, each is a synonym for some command line option to CL. So by configuring your build, you can build a reference list of arguments you can later move to your make system. Just copy+paste from the Command Line page, or watch closely for changes and integrate them any "right" way your build system supports.

Visual Studio builds have one other annoying part to them. Traditionally it's Compiler+Linker=Executable, but in the VC world it's Compiler+Linker=Executable+Manifest, so you need a final step to embed the manifest inside your executable.

So my advice is learn the VC IDE way, since you can always refer to it when something isn't working right.

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