"Error : Cannot initialize OLE". ---- Urgent

"Error : Cannot initialize OLE". ---- Urgent

Hi, Look for some help on this issue. Don't know whats causing it but seems related to the integration of ATOM SDK API. Issue is coming at the time of app init... a message box pops up "Error : Cannot initialize OLE". On ignoring the error, app functions normally. We are using a C++ UI framework and C++ ATOM SDK. Infact the integration had worked quite nicely with a demo app. Any clues? Regards, Praveen
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Have you updated to the Beta 2 of the AOM SDK?

"SDK Beta 2

This version of the SDK contains a fix for a problem of COM initialization conflict on the application’s main thread. The problem has been affecting mostly MFC applications, which were unable to initialize COM through AfxOleInit() after initializing Intel Atom Developer’s Kit SDK. "

Thanks for the reply. I have downloaded sdk 0.91 which is curently available in the protal. IS this the right ver?


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