I can not build SDK samples in VS6(C++).

I can not build SDK samples in VS6(C++).

Hi. I can not build SDK samples in VS6(C++). error message: cant't open "psapi.lib" I can not build SDK samples in VS2005. linker error. ex)initadp.... isn't VS6 and VS2005 support? I use only VS2008? Help me.
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At this stage only Visual Studio 2008 is supported.
Link: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/article/intel-atom-developer-program-software-development-kit-alpha-release-notes


Intel® Atom® Developer Program Team

DG Rooven

If you have any trouble building in VS 2008 please post your errors here and I will try to assist.

Download and install MS Platform SDK

Hi Mobience

As mentioned by others above you need to have VS2008 to compile your source. PSAPI (process status application programming interface) since the ADP api does some interaction with process this library is needed. This library is available from VS6 Service Pack 5 onwards, but the Intel Atom SDK at this moment supports only VS2008.

We have also gone through what you are going through, ported our code from VS6 to VS2005, everything works fine till we integrate the ADP API, then after checking with the forms we have figured that only VS2008 is support, but for our advantage, all we need to do was open up our VS2005 project in VS2008 and compile. No coding / settings changes needed (apart from adding the lib files adpcore.lib adpcppf.lib psapi.lib shlwapi.lib).

Hope this helps



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