Non Native Open Source App - GUID in source code?

Non Native Open Source App - GUID in source code?

Hi, I have a very simple open source app developed in VB 6 and I have converted it into .msi and its running fine. Do I need to use GUID in my source code if yes than my why? I read on the forum, for an open source app no need to use SDK but GUID is required but where is it required? is it just as a submission process I need to generate GUID or do I really have to integrate somewhere in the code. If I have to implement it in the code than what are the steps and what is the use ? Immediate response will be highly appreciated. Thanks, Khan
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In all documents I have reviewed you do not need to insert the GUID. Since you are not implementing the SDK, there is no need for a GUID.

That great Brain.

Hope everyone else visiting this thread will be much more clear on this point...

I will start the submission right away.

Thanks again.


One more quick question..
For an windows based open source app submission do I need to include source code in the package. As per the packaging requirements we only need to include source code for moblin based apps so any idea on what needs to be done.



Per the validation rules you must include the source code.

Regarding Open Source,

The situation is a litte intricate and I think you should probably read this before finalizing your decision.

Incase the code is entirely yours and you want to open source it...then you should not include the IADP SDK component.

Including the IADP SDK causes any open sourced app to turn into a non-open source one. It basically becomes a proprietary app.

Hope this helps!

Great info Bosco. This thread has really helped me and Thank you for providing such valuable information.



Hi there,

I got a quick question: One of my ISVs submitted a Windows Open Source application. He did not integrate the SDK because it isn’t required for open source apps. Still he failed validation and one of the reasons was the missing SDK. Does anybody have any idea what went wrong here?

Thank you very much!

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