ADP intilalization error failed wiht error code 2 ------------- URGENT

ADP intilalization error failed wiht error code 2 ------------- URGENT

Hi, I am using Visual Studio 2008 and OS XP SP3... I am running my app with DBug ID, Please find the error which we are getting. ADP intilalization error failed wiht error code 2 Can anyone help me? Regards, Praveen
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Did you forget to start ATDS ?

Hi Praveen

If you want to try your application with Debug ID, then you need to start the runATDS.bat file in the Intel Atom SDK directory ( if you have installed the application in default location, then you can find the file in the following location : C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Atom Developer Program SDK\0.91\bin )

Start the runATDS.bat , it will open up a DOS window, dont close this window, if you close this window then the results are unpredictable. You can debug only one application at a time (at this moment). You need to stop the ATDS using stopATDS.bat, before you try to debug another application.

Hope this helps.




All the Events and processing of programs takes place between the start of ATDS and end of ATDS so you should mandatorily start ATDS.



Ensure ATDS is running prior to starting / debugging your application. The command line (if installed in default path) is: "C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Atom Developer Program SDK\0.9\bin\RunATDS.bat"

Best of luck.

Starting the ATDS ( runATDS ) and Stopping the ATDS( stopATDS ) is the recommended approach but manually starting them and stopping them is involved with issues and prone to errors.

Rather it would be good if the Application internally starts ATDS before the call to ADP_Initialize() then it would be good

So before the App calls ADP_Initialize() function the App should instead call CreateProcess() or CreateProcessEx() or ShellExecuteEx() functions

likewise after checking the return value of ADP_Close() then the stopATDS must be called

if(ret_code == ADP_SUCCESS)
// call stopATDS() HERE

Please do give me your views regarding this



In the folder \Program Files\Intel\Intel Atom Developer Program SDK\0.91\bin I have noticed the below text files

Where in the code are these text files called because when I run the programs these values are output to the console

Should these files be compulsorily present in the bin folder all the time or they can be moved to any location

If moved to any other location of my choice would the application behave in a bad way

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