submission - how to do a "developer reject"?

submission - how to do a "developer reject"?

i submitted an application for validation; without realizing that you had to use the ADP_xxxx calls, so i have since integrated them and now i am unable to reject my application for validation so i can upload the new binary in its place. is there any way to streamline the process? i know the application currently uploaded will fail the validation; so i would like to prevent intel wasting time reviewing it and put the right version there instead.. if an admin could contact me to assist; would be great. i dont want to have to remove and re-add it to the store; there should be a system in place to developer reject - much like the apple itunesconnect environment. // Aaron Ardiri Mobile 1UP
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never mind; it has been answered here:

// Aaron Ardiri
Mobile 1UP

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