moblin: adding icon correctly - submission result

moblin: adding icon correctly - submission result

>> Failure Reason: ILU03 - Application launch >> Additional Comments: Does not add icon, requires command line invocation. we received the above message from the validation process; however, we are baffled as to what is going on. in our distribution (rpm/deb) we have the following files: /usr/share/pixmap/cronk.png /usr/share/applications/cronk.desktop when we deploy the software in-house; under both moblin 2.1 and ubuntu (to test deb without ADP) - the icon appears without any problems. is there something specific one needs to do to correctly have the icon prepared during the submission process; because it seems to be working for us. we are a little confused as to how to deal with this issue and rebuild our packages for re-validation. any insights would help! // Aaron Ardiri Mobile 1UP
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after googling; i may have found the solution (i will try it), i figured it could be good for others

>> desktop-file-install usage
It is not simply enough to just include the .desktop file in the package, one MUST run desktop-file-install in %install (and have BuildRequires: desktop-file-utils), to help ensure .desktop file safety and spec-compliance.

// Aaron Ardiri
Mobile 1UP

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